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Welcome to a new year! 2017 is finally over.

Why am I smiling so broadly?  Because 2017 was finally over and it was the first morning of 2018, which I spent at the easternmost point in any United States location viewing the first sunrise of the new year.  I am Aquannette Chinnery and my shop is in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands where I make handmade soaps, hair products, and bath and body products, but this was a quick break to catch this marvelous event from the big island of St. Croix. 
The biggest business challenge that JDNatlady's Creations ever had came recently when within a 13 day period in September 2017, the US Virgin Islands was hit very hard by two category 5 hurricanes.  That was the month before the business' sixth anniversary.  Thankfully, JDNatlady's Creations and its location at Fortress Mall on St. Thomas survived Hurricanes Irma and Maria or Irmaria as they have come to be known locally.  Within a month, JDNatlady's Creations was back to making, delivering, and mailing out handmade products from the shop even though we termporarily had postal service challenges.
It was touching that so many online customers reached out via text, email, Instagram, and Facebook to say we were in their thoughts and prayers and to see how we were doing.  I have such nice customers!
Well things are moving full speed ahead at JDNatlady's Creations and a new year even brought a new online store.  If you were familiar with the original online store or the original website, they will be merged into this new online store in the next few months, because this new one offers an improved shopping experience, an easier way to leave reviews, and many ways to earn rewards points.  If you are just learning about JDNatlady's Creations, please feel free to visit the "About Us" page or contact us using the "Contact Us" page. 
I am thankful to have made it through 2017 and could not think of a more appropriate first blog post on this new online store.  I look forward to making 2018 a great year for me, my family, my business, and my customers.  Let's journey together!

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