Q. What form of payment do you accept in this shop?

A. Payments in this shop are made using PayPal Express

With PayPal Express, you don't have to have a PayPal account, because you may pay using your MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover card.  PayPal allows for guest checkout so you may use your debit or credit card without having to have or to create a PayPal account and without having to log in to PayPal.  When you get to the payment screen that has a PayPal logo at the top select the option at the bottom that states "or Pay with Debit or Credit Card."  The next screen takes you to PayPal Guest Checkout where you enter your debit or credit card information and pay for your items.

Q. What currencies do you accept?

A. At this time, all prices are listed only in US Dollars, and the only currency accepted is U.S. Dollars.  This may change in the future, and you may contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Q. Do I have to open a customer account to shop in this store?

A. No, customer accounts are optional, but it makes repeat shopping easier.

Q. You have so many soaps available, how do I decide which soap to purchase?

A. The listings contain scent descriptions that may help with your decision.  You may also be a person who likes essential oil soaps, so you may want to select soaps with just essential oils.  We offer soaps that are colorful and swirled, soaps with no added color, unisex soaps that are loved by men and women, floral soaps, fruity soaps, and many others so picking your favorite type of soap may be a little easier.  You may also use the search feature in the store to type in attributes, properties, or tags to help show you the types of soaps you may like.  Also at the bottom of the listing is soaps that are related to the one you are viewing.  You may always feel free to contact us before you purchase if you have any questions.

Q. Do you make your soaps that you sell?

A. Yes, we make the soaps from scratch right here on St. Thomas, VI., except a few glycerin soaps that we also make here on St. Thomas, VI that are handcrafted from a high-quality base.

Q. Some of your soaps have a lot of color in them and the Charcoal soap is black, is there anything special about how I should use them?

A. Please do not use Charcoal soap or any of the soaps that are highly colored with white or light washcloths. 

Q. How do I make my soap last longer?

A. Keep your soap dry in between uses to help it last longer and use a draining soap dish or soap deck to help the soap dry out after use.  Keep your soap in a cool, dry place when not in use.

White Oak Large Soap Dish