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3 tips for Finding Handmade Soaps That Remind You of Summer

It's that time of year again! Maybe where you live, the leaves are changing, the temperatures are cooling off, and everyone is selling fall scents like pumpkin spice. But what if you're not ready to let go of summer just yet? Well, when the colder months come around, it can be tough to find soaps that remind you of summer. Many makers who create small batches often sell fall, winter, or holiday-scented soaps during those seasons. However, there are a few ways to find soaps that remind you of summer even when it's cold outside.

How do I find summer soaps when the season has ended?

Here are three tips for finding summer soaps year-round that remind you of those long summer days if you don't live somewhere where it feels like that every day.

handmade summer soaps at farmer's market

1. Check local farmers' markets & craft fairs for summer soap

Looking for a way to keep the summer vibe going all year long? Check out your local farmers' markets and craft fairs for handmade soaps with scents that remind you of those warm summer days. While during this time of year many are selling new products with scents that remind you of fall or winter, often they will still have a few from their summer collections. Ask them about their summer bath soap, because they may not be as prominently displayed. Even if the soap isn't explicitly marketed as a summer scent, it's worth giving it a sniff to see if it reminds you of those warm summer days.

summer bath soap

So why not give them a try? You might be surprised at how much they help you keep the summer vibe alive!

2. Order summer bath soap year-round online

If you're having trouble finding summery scents locally, don't despair! One way is to order handmade soaps from online soap retailers. These retailers often have a wide selection of soaps from different soapmakers, and they often sell soaps that are not typically available in stores. Another way is to search for handmade soapmakers who are selling their soaps online. Many of them make seasonal soaps, but they may also have a few that are reminiscent of summer.

online handmade soap purchase in gift box from JDNatlady's Creations


Finally, you can also check out Etsy shops selling soap for artisans who sell their soaps year-round. Many of these shops will have soap for summer season available year-round, so you can enjoy the scent of summer no matter what time of year it is.

3. Look for handmade soaps in fruity or floral scents

Another way to find summer-like soaps is to look for scents that evoke the feeling of summer. Fruity or floral scents are typically associated with summertime. When choosing a soap, look for scents like citrus, coconut, berries, passionfruit, jasmine, or lavender.

orange citrus scented summer soap

Many handcrafted soaps have these kinds of fragrances in them, and they can help you reminisce about summer even when it's cold outside. These scents are all perfect choices for evoking memories of warm weather and transporting you back to lazy days spent lounging in the sun. Additionally, some soapmakers may have special seasonal scents that remind you of summer.

lemon scented summer season soap with half a lemon


There's no need to say goodbye to summer just because the seasons are changing! With a little effort, you can find soaps year-round that remind you of those long summer days. From checking local farmers' markets and craft fairs to buying handmade soaps online to looking for fruity or floral scents, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the smell of summer all year long.

lavender handcrafted scented summer soaps

Thank you for reading! These three tips will help you find soaps year-round that remind you of summer. Enjoy!


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