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Citrus Soap named Satsuma Delight Soap

Citrus Soap

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Satsuma Delight Soap is a citrus soap that has a citrus scent from the use of orange essential oil and citrus fragrance oils.  Imagine being in the middle of an orange grove eating a mandarin orange with its juices bursting out of the zesty orange peels and the fragrant scent of nearby orange blossoms on the trees wafting by as you then prepare to sip on lemonade made with fresh meyer lemons.  If that is not intriguing enough for your senses, throw in a bit of Egyptian musk, bergamot, and star jasmine.  Now that is a delight for the senses!

Ingredients: water, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, fragrance, avocado oil, orange oil, mica,titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide