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Glycerin Soaps

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Looking for a beautiful, handcrafted glycerin soap that will leave your skin feeling amazing?

Look no further than JDNatlady's Creations Glycerin Soap! These jewel-toned glycerin soaps are made with a high quality base and are handcrafted into hand cut, colorful, highly scented bars of soap. 
Our glycerin handmade scented bar soaps are customer favorites because they are gentle on the skin and produce a rich, creamy lather. They come in a variety of colors and scents to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you.
Our glycerin bar soaps not only look beautiful but they also smell amazing. A glycerin bar soap is perfect for treating yourself or giving as a gift.
Add a few of your favorite glycerin soap to your cart. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself today!

What does each of these Glycerin Soaps smell like?

Jasmine Glycerin Soap is a highly scented floral soap that smells like Jasmine flowers.
Caribbean Kiss Glycerin Soap smells like floral notes of hibiscus and magnolia expertly blended with hints of musk and peach.
Goat's Milk and Honey Glycerin Soap is a goat's milk soap that smells like oatmeal, milk, and honey.
Lavender Goat's Milk Glycerin Soap is a goat's milk soap that smells like lavender.