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  • Handmade Soap Samples by JDNatlady's Creations
  • soap samples by JDNatlady's Creations
  • sample soaps at JDNatlady's Creations
  • samples of handmade soap at JDNatlady's Creations
  • sample of handmade soap at JDNatlady's Creations
  • soap samples at JDNatlady's Creations
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Handmade Soap Samples

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What are handmade soap samples?

Our handmade soap samples are 1 oz sample soaps that make either a great little gift to give to someone or a great way for you to try out a soap scent to help you pick your favorite for when you want to order a full size soap that you haven't tried yet.  So handmade soap samples are just samples of handmade soap that are smaller versions of full sized soaps sold by JDNatlady’s Creations.   

What is in the soap samples?

Our soap samples contain the same skin-loving oils and other ingredients found in the full size soap that bear the same name.  Please note that no ingredient list is listed on the labels, but there is a handwritten label on the rear with the scent name.  The ingredient list for the sample soap is the same that may be found in the online listing for the full size soap that bears the same name.   

Some of them are samples of natural soap made using essential oils and others are handmade samples of soap made with fragrance oils.

Each one is packaged in a glassine (wax paper) envelope (approximately 4.25” x 3” x 0.75”) with a clear label on the front.  You get one soap that is the size of 1/4th of a regular bar of soap.  

The selection constantly varies and may not include the ones in the photos, so check back often. These are very popular, so order yours today so you don't miss out.

How do I let you know which scent I want?

For “Assorted (subject to availability),” use the contact us form or the order special instructions during checkout to let us know the ones you would like to receive and the quantity of each and we will do our best to send those, but if those are not available we will provide a random selection of our choice from our popular soaps. You may also wish to list whether you like fruity, floral, ocean, or unisex scent types or whether you want natural soap samples made with essential to help us select for you if your choices are not currently available.  Please feel free to contact us before you order if you want to find out what is currently available. You still get one soap for the $4.00 with the “Assorted (subject to availability)“ option, but you are able to order as many as you want for $4 each and get to try them out so you can figure out which ones are your favorites.  

What scents are available right now?

In addition to the ones listed above as in stock, we currently have available Charcoal and Lemongrass.  Limited quantities are available of each and the selection is subject to change.